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In the World Malaria Report of 2016, Dr Margaret Chan – Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) says:

“We have made excellent progress, but our work is incomplete. Last year alone, the global tally of malaria reached 212 million cases and 429 000 deaths. Across Africa, millions of people still lack access to the tools they need to prevent and treat the disease.

In many countries, progress is threatened by the rapid development and spread of mosquito resistance to insecticides. Antimalarial drug resistance could also jeopardise recent gains. In 2015, the World Health Assembly endorsed the WHO Global Technical Strategy for Malaria, a 15-year malaria framework for all countries working to control and eliminate malaria. It sets ambitious but attainable goals for 2030, with milestones along the way to track progress.”

The target is to, by 2030, eliminate malaria from 35 countries in which malaria was transmitted in 2015, and a milestone of eliminating malaria in at least 10 countries by 2020.

Implementing programmes such as the development and manufacture of the Halo and Silver Bullet are costly and we rely to a great extent on sponsorships and monetary donations to provide needy villages with the units. To find out more about becoming involved in this life-changing, far-reaching project see below or contact us below.

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