LUMIN8 and African Snakebite Institute – Collaborating on a world first!

LUMIN8 and African Snakebite Institute – Collaborating on a world first!

After several months of research and development, and a rude amount of money, our first snake trap is up and running. This is a collaborative effort between Lumin8 and the African Snakebite Institute, and a first in the world. The trap is made of plastic tubing, and has a computerized circuit board with various sensors and mechanical parts. It is baited on the inside with a chicken egg or frozen mouse, and the concept is that the snake will smell the bait whilst roaming for food and enters the tube.

The entrance to the trap has a mechanized trap door. It is battery powered and lasts for more than a month on a set of alkaline batteries. The trap also makes provision for optional extras such as a GSM Modem for cellular communication, and an external solar panel or power source. When switched on, the trap is immediately reset, shows the battery status resets the trapdoor to its zero position and goes into sensor mode.

As the snake enters the trap, its presence is detected by the various sensors, and once in the trap, the trap door closes behind it. If the trapdoor touches any part of the snake’s tail or body, it will immediately reopen and close again, ensuring that the snake is not harmed. The trap will then remain closed until the snake is retrieved.

The ASIT trap will be available as of the end of February 2020. We are largely targeting the corporate environment, and are of the view that these traps will be extremely useful in snake removal, especially on mines, hostels and barracks, and warehouses.


The African Snakebite Institute, under the guidance of its C.E.O. Johan Marais, is the leading provider of snake awareness, first aid for snakebite and venomous snake handling training in Africa. It is also the largest supplier of snake handling equipment, safety gear such as gaiters and safety glasses and first aid kits for snakebite in Africa.


LUMIN8 is a leading South African company, who develops and manufactures technology solutions in the fields of malaria research and control, and other public health areas.

They work with various research institutions and organizations locally and internationally and focus strongly on the implementation and commercialization of life-changing products.

LUMIN8 believes that collaboration is necessary between all disciplines and organizations, to really have an impact on the lives of people.

View the trap in action here:

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