Smart component sourcing improves turnaround time on solar-powered mosquito traps

Smart component sourcing improves turnaround time on solar-powered mosquito traps

As the demand for the Lumin8 solar-powered mosquito traps increases, so too does the need to decrease lead times. Quentin van den Bergh, director at Lumin8, explains that in order to aggressively address this matter, the company appointed Resego Technologies in mid-August to manage electronic component procurement, production forecasts and turnaround times on components.

“We are very conscious that efficient and timeous delivery of components is critical to the overall success of any product manufacturing strategy. We are also very aware of the fact that our time is better spent on new product development, research field trips and product testing. Our existing relationship with Resego Technologies on other projects left us with no doubt when selecting them as a procurement supplier,” says Van den Bergh.

The arrangement will see Resego Technologies sourcing approximately 90% of the current bill of materials for Lumin8’s product range, including semiconductors such as microprocessors and power management chips, electro-mechanical parts, ceramic components and inductors.

Carlo Pretorius, MD of Resego Technologies, says that the company believes that ineffective materials management can result in significant cost blow-outs and delays in project completion. “We understand the negative impact that inefficiencies can have on our clients’ budgets and overall competitiveness, since time to market is critical. In order to mitigate these effects, we have made a substantial investment in upskilling our team with the knowledge and practical skills related to the latest procurement trends. This includes electronic ordering, stockless purchasing, standardisation, and just in time (JIT) purchasing.

“In addition, we have secured the latest hardware and software to enable our team to provide definitions and quantifications of materials in the manner best suited to each individual project. This is a proven strategy, with feedback from our clients reporting procurement efficiency, lowered risks and costs, and a number of additional business benefits,” says Pretorius.

“Deadly mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, Zika virus and West Nile virus continue to claim millions of lives annually. Lumin8 will continue to refine its current product offering and research new models based on feedback from the field. We can now rest assured that the logistics of securing high-quality components for these devices are in the capable hands of a reputable company such as Resego Technologies,” says Van den Bergh.

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