Collaborative partnerships to mitigate mosquito-borne diseases

Collaborative partnerships to mitigate mosquito-borne diseases

Recognising the need to address the unacceptably high number of infections and deaths caused by mosquito-borne diseases, Lumin8 has launched a variety of solar-powered mosquito traps. Extensive testing on the units by the University of Pretoria’s Institute for Sustainable Malaria Control (UP ISMC) is aimed at gaining further insight into the identification of mosquito species, a greater understanding of the mosquito lifecycle and the behavioural patterns of the Anopheles mosquito.

Lumin8’s directors – Quentin van den Bergh and Kevin Godfrey – remain adamant that the mosquito problem is one which can only be tackled in a collaborative manner. “There simply is no one element that will reduce or eradicate the problem on its own; one needs to consider prophylactic measures, mosquito nets, spraying and the inclusion of technology such as our Silver Bullet or Halo mosquito traps.”

“Lamar International and Forrester Pharma support the Lumin8 initiative. We are passionate about malaria prophylaxis and are happy to be associated with the teams in these endeavours,” says Lamar’s Jackie Strauss.

“We value the support provided by Lamar International and Forrester Pharma,” says Godfrey.

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