13 May 2020 – Latest product additions

13 May 2020 – Latest product additions

In this newsletter LUMIN8 features two of it’s latest products on offer:

GP-300 – Infrared contactless thermometer

In response to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, LUMIN8 is proud to be an importer and distributor of medical infrared thermometers, to assist with personnel screening as per required health regulations.

The GP-300 is a low-cost medical grade thermometer, with 2 temperature modes, and a high and low temperature indicator. It is contactless and also logs the last 7 readings for easy reference. The GP-300 uses 2x AAA alkaline batteries and comes with a one year warranty.

LUMIN8 remains committed to being a technology supplier in the fight against malaria, and will continue selling thermometers for screening patients to assist with faster malaria diagnosis.

GP-300 product page: https://www.lumin8.co.za/product-category/thermometers/


MINICO2 – Gas dispenser

The MINICO2 unit is a CO2 gas dispenser, which offers a practical solution to doing field work as a replacement to the use of dry ice. The MINICO2 device may be used as standalone, or with mosquito traps such as the Silver Bullet or CDC trap to aid in better mosquito sampling.

MINICO2 product page: https://www.lumin8.co.za/product-category/gas-dispersion/

MINICO2 product overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt-qKOyIPoQ

Feel free to contact us for any support that you may require.  LUMIN8 is also a commercial partner for various healthcare-related and public health related projects, and offers solutions in both the design and manufacturing of products.


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