Silver Bullet 2.0


Silver Bullet 2.0

Solar Mosquito Vector Light Trap with Collector Net

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Silver Bullet is a tree- or wall-mounted mosquito trap ideal for both scientific research or homestead mosquito trapping purposes. Powered by an efficient 12-Watt virtually indestructible polycrystalline solar panel, this low-maintenance unit has multiple modes of operation. Income can be generated for local communities by involving them in the assembly of the units.


  • The Silver Bullet has a USB outlet for charging tablets and mobile phones
  • Easy to clean sieve screw cap compartment or researcher net bag for preserving mosquitoes
  • Suction control
  • Standalone operation
  • LED intensity control
  • LED colour mixture control
  • Programmable high-power three-LED cluster with specific wavelength for selective mosquito capture.

Additional capabilities:

  • Optional educational MP3 player